Since the unconfirmed rumours for Intel’s new Extreme Edition – the Intel Broadwell-E range – appeared at CES 2016, many wondered if it’s all smoke and mirrors. Now all of that can be laid to rest as Intel has confirmed at COMPUTEX TAIWAN 2016 that it is, indeed, the real deal.


As per reported via the rumour mill, the highly anticipated Intel 10-Core, AKA Deca-Core, system is loaded to the hilt with all the speculated specs and performance ratings. In short, everything about the hearsay is real. The only thing that is not purportedly true is the fact that it will only go on sale globally through various channels. Officially, it will be available via online retail and select channel partners.

The line-up is as listed below:


Based on the table, it is obvious that Intel kept one aspect of this new Intel Extreme Edition family tightly under-wraps – the new Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0. This will, supposedly, push the turbo single thread capabilities of these unlocked CPUs and grant it the ability to max out its latent potential that Intel has determined is present during the manufacturing process. All this is done, of course, at the software level to ensure that this function can be seamlessly tweaked.

According to Intel, this new turbo mode is meant to work in tandem with the current Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 feature. The only way this new mode can be leveraged on effectively are dependent on the following factors: type of workload, number of active cores, estimated current and power consumption, processor temperature, and drive support.

When used, the concept combines software and hardware performance to deliver more than 15% better single-threaded performance to these new Intel Extreme Edition offerings.

Here are the rest of the interesting bits that the Intel Broadwell-E CPUs offer to users who are keen to upgrade to this overpowered CPU:


Pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet for each region but, as per what has been revealed so far, these new CPUs should be priced around the same range as it Extreme Edition predecessors.