One year ago, a bunch of innovative entrepreneurs came together to do the unthinkable by deciding that it’s the perfect moment to challenge the paradigm by launching a dedicated Internet TV service. This insane move, called iFlix, has achieved loads in the months since it launched.


“When we played around with the concept of Internet TV and what such a platform could possibly bring, we knew there is a need to bring forth such a service. Approaching investors, production studios, and content makers had been a challenge unto itself but we dug deep and scored a number of wins. Of course, we also put out a number of firsts for our industry – such as the option to download videos and establish key tie-ups with telcos, and have really left a mark on this industry,” said Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of iFlix Malaysia.

As Azran took the stage and shared how much iFlix has done over the past year, he also revealed key growth milestones for the company – starting with a small team that shared the same dream to running a 250-strong team across six regions now; recording extraordinary growth for viewing hours per day for users – close to two hours for Malaysia and three hours with the Philippines; and building the necessary means to produce original content in the near future.

While these are some of the bigger achievements for iFlix, Azran reveals that there is more to come for the Asian-born video streaming platform. On the back-end, iFlix will be setting up, or in some cases have already setup, local hosting arrangements for its content nodes with telco partners. “This will ensure there is lower latency for the overall video streaming processes. Also, it fills up the bandwidth usage that had been, originally, under-utilised. Before iFlix appeared, telcos have loads of bandwidth that is not fully used when the late evening rolls over. Likely, they’re on the home Wi-Fi and not using their mobile devices to get onto the web. When we launched, that all changed as bandwidth in these low-use periods suddenly surged upwards,” he added.


Studies of user behaviour that iFlix carried out over the last year have confirmed that many users prefer late night viewing sessions with the peak watching hour spiking at 9pm. The same research work also revealed how Malaysians are very much into drama, comedy, and prefer watching videos on iFlix from their smart devices.

“We’ve learnt a lot from our users and listened to what they want. New content, better user experience, and more features. Of course, we tried to deliver on what is within reach – like securing new seasons of favourite shows, signing on exclusive broadcast rights to brand new titles, and coming up with our own content. This includes fan favourites Flash Season 2 and Arrow Season 4, long-standing legends like House and 30 Rock, and purely exclusive content for iFlix like Mr Robot Season 2, Hunters, Bosch, and The Magicians. Of course, there is so much more that we have in store for our viewers and we certainly can’t wait to share all the new line-up of shows,” shared Azran.


Present at the 1st Year Anniversary review event with the media is long-time Malaysian actress and TV star, Maya Karin. She has shared of her plans that go beyond her role as the ambassador of iFlix and confirmed of her role in an upcoming TV series that she is producing, and acting in, for iFlix. Maya, who had been instrumental to the success for the video streaming platform because of her investment into the business, has shared that the new show is episodic and will be released as a whole in one go to allow viewers to watch the entire production run immediately.

For Azran and his team, there is so much more to look forward to with iFlix and they are certainly geared up to make the best of any situation for the months ahead. “We’ve done a lot in our first year and, if what we have achieved is any indication, we will be doing even more for the next 12 months. Bring on Year 2!” Azran proclaimed.