Those on the Spotify Family plan should check their accounts immediately as they have been automatically upgraded to the new Spotify Premium for Family package. Of course, the pricing rate is lowered and the family plan offering has been updated to make the deal more enticing.

For the benefit of those who don’t remember, the original Spotify Family package that had been launched in end of 2014 with multiple family member settings – two to five users – and at respective pricing points – RM22.35 to RM44.90. That all changes with the new offer as it sets a fixed rate of RM22.40 per month for six accounts.


According to Spotify, the revamped package still offers the same world-class music experience as before that can be accessed via six different accounts that can be customised to suit each user needs and listening habits.

Those on the old Spotify Family Plan will see their billing cycle end accordingly and they will be moved onto the new pricing right after. As for users who only have two or three members on their old setup, it’s time to rope in a few more to make this deal worthwhile. Users who want to be added onto this plan but are still on their individual Spotify Premium account can join in immediately and see the switch over when their monthly billing cycle rolls by.

At press time, there are no indications if this move is just an introductory offer or if there will be changes in the near future. Further details about this new deal can be found on the newly rolled out microportal.