Group chats are a common trend now, so much so that most would consider using shared content systems to keep their chatting sessions abreast of cool and engaging multimedia that they would come across. Google understands the need for such services and, thus, introduced Spaces.


Unlike third party Cloud storage or content sharing webportals, like Tumblr and Pintrest, the goal for Google to launch Spaces – its attempt to combine chatting and media sharing into one system. Designed to offer a better group conversation experience that enables users to instantly share stuff on any topic, what Google Spaces does is remove the need to move between apps to source for content to share.

According to Google, it wants to create a better group sharing experience for its users – one that allows them to find articles and share them in a seamless manner. That is the basis of not needing to leave the content sharing app. To achieve this for Spaces, Google has embedded its popular search engine as well as YouTube and Chrome into this new content engagement service.


In engaging the new app, it is immediately apparent that Google Spaces is more like a content aggregation system that participants can use to hold conversations on particular topics. Since the conversation is category specific, there is no way users can mess up the discussion or mix it up with other focuses.

Since everything Google related is integrated onto this platform, sharing content and chatting can be seamlessly merged into a single process. It’s now a matter of how this platform can be used to keep conversations going and make it more enriched and relevant to all.


Google has confirmed that Spaces, which can be downloaded from its own specially made microportal, that the service will roll out today on Android, iOS, on desktop, and for mobile web as well for all Gmail accounts.