Translating text on mobile devices can be a bothersome act, especially when it requires copying text, translating it, and pasting back the results. This will no longer be the case as the highly prevalent Google Translate app will receive some major updates that will provide an enhanced user experience.


According to Google, the improvements are derived from the requests that users from all over the world have sent in. Primarily – they want the popular Google Translate app be more immersive and intuitive.

In wanting to cater to this particular request, Google Translate developers have – as hinted from before – integrated the On Tap function into the translation app. Called ‘Tap to Translate’, this feature allows users to call up the translator function from a shortcut button and perform any translating task while still engaging the primary task at hand.


With this new add-on, users need not switch app to translate any text.

As for Offline Mode, a practical feature that only had been exclusive to Android previously, is now also available for iOS systems. More importantly, the offline library files are no longer hugely disproportionate as Google managed to streamline all its available language sets – 52 in all now with the recently released Filipion pack – to a more manageable 25MB each.

The other big deal about this update is the inclusion of a major East Asian language on the Word Lens function. Indeed, Chinese is now available for the automatic real-time translation system that Google Translate offers. This here is – by far – the biggest highlight as it will get the ball rolling for similar languages to be included in the next few update phases.


Google has confirmed that these new changes will start rolling out in the next few days.