Having launched a video aspect in limited locations, which picks up content from ESPN, Comedy Central, BBC, Vice Media, Maker Studios, ABC, Condé Nast Entertainment, Turner’s Adult Swim, TBS, and Fusion, Spotify has confirmed that it is planning to produce 12 original series for its video streaming platform.


In-depth details will come to light this Monday when Spotify shares what it intends to do with these handful of original productions. According to Bloomberg, the episodes of every progamme will be no longer than 15 minutes and is accessible for all users that are based in the US, UK, Germany, and Sweden.

That is the down-side of this move as Spotify had to further limit the countries that could get access to its original video content. This, of course, will eventually change as Spotity expects to draw in new viewers and encourage current users to spend more time on its platform.

Not all 12 video projects will have 15 minutes long episodes as some are planned to work with shorter run times. This, according to Tom Calderone, Content Partnership Chief, Spotify AB, is one of the key methods being considered to imbue variety to the entire project.

“Music will always be most important, but our audience likes us and want to see more. We have to figure out a second act and I think it will come out of video. The idea here is to make sure users know they can use Spotify for something other than music playlists,” Calderone said.

Spotify-Video-01Having worked with VIACOM Inc. before, Calderone is trying to bring what worked at the TV broadcast platform over to Spotify and lay the necessary groundwork to kickstart and expand the video efforts for the world renowned music streaming platform. The content that is being considered includes live performances, history, broader pop culture themes, and videos that are related to the music industry.

While it sounds a lot like what MTV or Channel V would do, Bloomberg has revealed that some parties being signed on to work on these original shows, like Tim Robbins and Russell Simmons, have begun filming a documentary series that focus on significant moments in music history. Other ideas being planned out include a ‘mockumentary’ that use the reality TV format, tighter collaborations with artists when they are launching new albums, and work on comedy as well as animated series concepts.

The last two will be part of the second phase that Spotify has planned out and is a key strategy to attract a younger audience to use the streaming service. One of the bigger ideas being toyed right now is an animation called ‘Drawn & Recorded’ that focuses on a the life-story of an artist or discusses about a key moment in music history.

Once all these ideas take off, users on Spotify will have more than one reason to use the music streaming platform and will be able to gain more insights into their favourite artists and music genres.

At press time, there are no forward plans to expand the list of countries that can enjoy this new aspect of Spotify. Even if this is the case now, it is only a matter of time before the list expands or even be made global.