Ever since U Mobile introduced its Micro Credit service for the iPhone 6, and subsequently iPhone 6S, many jumped on the prospect to own a new Apple smartphone. Those who thought the current iteration of the ever popular iPhone is too big for their liking, they can now consider signing on for the iPhone SE.


As soon as word got out that the iPhone SE is now available in Malaysia, U Mobile quickly updated its popular U Micro Credit services to include the newest 4in iPhone entrant, charging as low as RM58/month for the iPhone SE 16GB unit or RM73/month if one is interested to get the iPhone SE 64GB. Those keen on applying do not have to own a credit card and can rack up a flexible repayment tenure that can be stretched as far as 36 months.

This lowered pricing is achievable thanks to the the financing plan that U Mobile drew up with AEON Credit Services where the two crafted a special iPhone SE launch instalment plan that customers are able to sign on for and engage the affordable pricing structure to purchase the newest iPhone entry. This new financing plan only charges an exclusive interest rate charge of 0.7% instead of the normal 1.5%.

For some odd reason, the numbers-man for Team always comes up short when it tried to calculate the monthly repayment fee. Suffice to say, the safest way to see what plan works is to use the embedded calculator U Mobile programmed into the U Mobile Micro Credit webportal.


Like how the process is done before, U Mobile Micro Credit offer two registration processes – online and at the storefront. Upon receiving the approval for this specialised loan from U Mobile, qualified customers can collect their new iPhone SE on 13 May 2016.


Those qualified for the U Mobile Micro Credit have to also register a U Mobile iPhone postpaid plan that feature 1.5GB of high speed internet and an extra 1.5GB for Video- Onz upgrade for exclusive video streaming.

Please take note that this offer is only available for a limited time only so those who want to sign up have to do as soon as they can.

More details on the new U Mobile Micro Credit deal and U Mobile iPhone plans for the new iPhone SE can be seen on specially developed microsites for both offers.