Following up from revealing what it had in store for its MaxisONE plans, many have already expected the mobile telco to update its Hotlink prepaid offering as well. While users correctly guessed that there would be a major boost, they certainly did not expect to receive a free 8GB/month to use permanently.


That is the offer the Hotlink FAST prepaid plan is now offering current and newly registered customers. While it may seem unprecendented, there is a small catch to consider – the free data is only available for use on weekends. During weekdays, user consumption will focus on the current prepaid plans that users have signed up for.

Maxis has confirmed, via media release, that current Hotlink FAST users will be able to access this new offer immediately with no additional charge. New users for the Hotlink FAST prepaid plan, of course, can instantly access this deal once they sign up with the RM10 Starter Pack.

For Hotlink prepaid users who are keen on upgrading to the Hotlink FAST plan, all they need to do is log into the Hotlink RED App, go to ‘My Account’ and change their Rateplan.