In following the footsteps of its latest flagship, Xiaomi has begun to tease its upcoming large format smartphone and did not kick up any violent denials in regards to recent leaked visuals and rumours. In fact, it did the exact opposite as Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO, locked down 10 May 2016 for a launch event proper.

Called Xiaomi Max, this oversized smartphone is suppose looking to replace the current Xiaomi Mi Note. Packing in a 6.4in screen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM, 16MP rear-facing main camera, 4MP front-loaded shooter, and a fingerprint scanner that doubles up as a physical home button, this would be the biggest Xiaomi smartphone to-date.


Judging by the leaked visuals, it seems that the Xiaomi Max would have a similar design to the Xiaomi Mi Note featuring a curved back panel that tapers off into the sideframe. Likely, the front facade would be the same as well.

Beyond the upcoming ‘hulked up’ smartphone, Xiaomi is also expected to reveal a new Mi Band and the next update for the MIUI – MIUI 8. With the former, the rugged wearable will receive a LCD panel for easy viewing of tracked data. This would ensure easier user engagement with the tracking strap as well as providing an even more seamless user experience.

As for the latter, the highly anticipated update is suppose to officially introduce massive software and user interface changes to the MIUI ecosystem. The video below hints at some of the key changes that will be introduced with the new Android-based operating system loader. Based on the look and feel, it would likely sport many improvements that Android 6.0 Marshmallow has deployed. One of the most obvious changes is having the app notification screen being integrated with the control shortcuts.

That, in itself, is one major reason to be very excited about 10 May 2016.