Nearly a month after the big reveal, Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) director, Hajime Tabata, along with the game’s marketing director, Akio Ofuji, took the hot-seats on this month’s Active Time Report to put out more exciting FFXV announcements. This includes confirming the Ultimate Collector’s Edition being reprinted.


Indeed, the most expensive FFXV package, which saw all 30,000 units being sold out as soon as orders opened, will have another pre-order run to meet the surging demands for the limited edition offer. Beyond what Tabata and Ofuji shared about the reprint, no other details – such as the new production volume and the date of the second run for pre-orders – had been revealed. Interestingly, both warned they could not guarantee that buyers of the second printing would get their copies on or right after the latest Numbered Final Fantasy officially launches.

Beyond raising the count for the limited edition bundle for FFXV, they also shared two other key announcements: the companion game – Justice Monsters Five, AKA the pinball-stylised battle arena that can be played within FFXV – will rollout onto Android devices in Japan next week. The mobile game will appear on iOS and Windows 10, also in Japan, in the coming summer.


Interestingly, the release date for the international launch for Justice Monsters Five is set within April 2016 as well. That would likely mean seeing this FFXV companion mobile game rolling out all over the world at the same time as Japan.


As for the second announcement, Tabata and Ofuji has revealed the release date for the upcoming FFXV feature film – Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. According to translations that Nova Crystallis made, the movie is set to appear in Japan cinemas on 9 July 2016. No dates have been revealed for the English release just yet but, as per shown at the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event, it will definitely be out before the game is released. That would put it sometime in the early parts of autumn.

More details will be released at the next Active Time Report that is set to broadcast from the over-hyped confines of the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo.