The anticipated relaunch of Packet One Networks (P1) as the new brand entity known as webe has garnered mixed responses since its unveiling. This is because the rebranding just focused on the webe community and the crowdbacking concept it uses. It is only now that webe has broached the telco subject.

webe-logoA week before P1 made the change, there had been some rumours going around that webe will be introducing revolutionary mobile broadband plans – concepts that all Malaysians could only dream of. At that point in time, webe could not clarify, downplay, or deny what the grapevine had been spreading.

However, since its relaunch, that is no longer the case.

Less than 24 hours since it took on its new name and revealed its plans to boost community-driven projects, webe went onto Facebook to share two concrete facts about its mobile broadband plans.

First, as posted on the webe Facebook post, it is now in the final stages of trials and fine-tuning its next-gen [mobile broadband] network. While there is no timeline as to when webe will launch this revamped service, it has shared that the platform “will be coming out with some very exciting new services soon.”

As for the second announcement, here it is in full:

You may have come across ‘leaks’ of webe services recently, and we could not comment on them before as webe was only officially revealed today.

We can now confirm the “leaks” are not official webe plans, and they are not representative of what webe will be launching. But be rest assured, we are coming out with services that we have designed from listening to what the people of Malaysia have been saying.

We are listening. We hear you. And we are doing something about it.

By the looks of it, webe is running on all pistons now and fully focused on its community building platform. Those interested about the plans, products, and services that are being supported can head on over to the webe community webportal for more details and in-depth information.

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