Digi is on a huge innovation streak. First, it beefed up communication features for its network. Next, it introduced an unprecedented roaming offer for its new postpaid packages. After that, it became the talk of town with its education and network innovation efforts. Now it’s about video streaming optimisation.

Taking inspiration from its Digi Music Freedom offer, which promised users a music streaming experience that will not eat into the primary broadband quota, Digi launched a similar effort for video streaming. Calling it Digi Video Freedom, it gives all Digi users bite-sized data consumption passes that enable a proper video streaming experience that, like the music offer, does not touch the main data allocation.


Starting from tomorrow (15 April 2016), Digi customers who registered for an internet plan – be it postpaid or prepaid – can purchase and activate the Digi Video Freedom pass and use it to stream content from popular video platforms like YouTube, dailymotion, and iFlix. Even subscriber driven platforms and curated content providers like Astro Go, tonton, Viu, and HyppTV have thrown in their support for this new Digi program.

“We want to connect our customers to various services and offerings that complement their digital lifestyle. Thusly, Digi Video Freedom is another positive step forward to provide our customers with a seamless way to enjoy their favourite web-based content without having to worry about wasting the allocated data quota,” said Loh Keh Jiat, Chief Marketing Officer, Digi.


Since it understands that users have two specific types of content consumption habits, Digi has created two options for its newly launched Digi Video Freedom that operate on the length of time spent – hourly and daily. The former, which only cost RM1, is pretty straightforward. As for the latter, users need to cough up RM5 for a full run of 24 hours. Both will, of course, run on Digi’s fair usage policy. Users can get the passes from the MyDigi app or via SMS.

Oddly, these two pricing rates are introductory and will be available for a limited time only.

“The passes enable our customers to enjoy video content anytime, anywhere without worrying about running out of Internet quota. The hourly passes helps customers pass the time while commuting or even waiting in queues while the daily pass gives them the option to binge watch their favourite shows,” added Loh.


Senior and chief executives from each content provider that partnered with the new Digi platform had been present as a show of support for the launch. Among them are Prashant Pathmanaban, Industry Head, Google Malaysia; Shaiful Subhan, Vice-President, Customer Division, Astro; and Azran Osman-Rani, iflix COO and CEO of iflix Malaysia, Airin Zainul, Group General Manager, tonton; Kingsley Warner, General Manager, Viu Malaysia/Head of Content SEA; Emily Wee, Vice President, Business & Media Operations, New Media, TM; and Ilan Sarfati, Content Manager SEA, dailymotion.

At press time, there are no further details on the actual pricing for the Digi Video Freedom passes or if there would be additional packages in the works.



More details on this new Digi offering can be found at the newly launched Digi Video Freedom microsite.