The viral marketing machine known as Packet One, once the leader and self-proclaimed champion for WiMAX 4G technologies and slightly controversial advertisements, has finally – months after it secured a new owner – taken on a new guise. From now on, it is known as webe.

The small ‘w’ in its name is not a mistake as the renamed telco player focuses on the concept of empowering communities with a new, supposedly, reliable mobile broadband network that has deep ties to social enablement. At press time, members of the senior management for webe and those that have ties to its owners, Telekom Malaysia (TM), did not divulge any details on their call plan offerings.


P1, previously a big upstart in the mobile telco space, has a lot of ground to cover if it is to build back its reputation from the last outing it had before being bought over. Hopefully with the rebranding as webe, there will a massive turnaround for the business as well.

As for its naming convention and close links to community empowerment, webe took its name from the very basis that it wants to be a major influential force for societal changes. One major aspect of this is the unveiling of a webe backed platform that is looking to leverage on the concept of crowdsourcing support for worthy community-driven projects.

Sticking to its original upstart and innovation roots, webe takes the concept of crowdsoucing literally as it seeks out the direct backing from the general public who are keen to see the projects they like to come to life. To stand out and remain different from the rest, webe only needs the direct backing of users and do not require any funding from them. To be able to support these concepts that webe has vetted, users will need to own Webits, a type of currency that can be generated when users share videos and content of the listed projects that are registered on the webe platform.

It is very much a pro-active way of engaging users who believe in the concept of sharing and crowdsourcing for support. Of course, webe has altered the naming convention of the practice as it calls this process ‘crowdbacking’.

More details on both the webe mobile network and its community ventures will be revealed as more information are shared later on.