Fans of Heroes of the Storm and those who crunch some hours on Blizzard’s popular Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) will be delighted with the fact that, in wanting to celebrate the Grand Final for ‘Heroes of the Dorm 2016’ tournament, all available characters have been unlocked for use in game.

This has been going on throughout the weekend ‘Heroes of the Dorm 2016’ has been playing and will be closed off at 10am 11 April 2016 Pacific Time (1am 12 April 2016 for Malaysia). Additionally, XP gains will also be given a 50% boost as part of the promotional campaign. Inviting a friend to play will also yield a 50% friend bonus for players.


While this is a first for the ‘Heroes of the Dorm’ tournament, such promotions are not new for Heroes of the Storm. The odd twist is not having the tie-in campaign end in tandem with the contest as the tournament finals is set to run very early in the morning tomorrow.

For those keen on catching the competition, ‘Heroes of the Dorm’ will air on the ESPNU cable channel, the online-based ESPN3, ESPN2, and their respective online-streaming and web-based platforms.