Since launching the BlackBerry PRIV in December last year, the vendor once known as Research in Motion has admitted that its first venture into the Android space as the re-branded BlackBerry has fallen short by a whole lot. In a renewed bid to remain relevant, two new BlackBerry devices will be launched.

This move can be seen as confirming that the once highly sought after enterprise mobile communications platform is fully committed to the Android camp though one of the concepts that are being considered would likely focus on a physical keyboard design still. Leaks show that this might be a lot like traditional BlackBerry smartphones and will run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the user enhancements that the BlackBerry PRIV currently use.


Price wise, according to what BlackBerry CEO John Chen shared with The National, it would not be like its first Android attempt as that had been, in Chen’s words, “too high-end a product” and that the strategy “probably [had not been] as wise as it should have been.”

Chen also shared that many enterprise customers who spoke to him shared how they are more comfortable with a US$400 (~RM1,800) smartphone from BlackBerry. Coupled with how it is one of the only Android handset makers that is serious about securing the Google mobile operating system on all fronts, it is a brand that Chen believes is still high in demand among many business owners.

Beyond revealing the rough timeline of the upcoming Android-based BlackBerry devices, there had been no other details or teasers. Of course, it can be safely presumed that they will likely run on mid-to-high specs since that is the space BlackBerry is looking at right now.