Mention Soundwave and a bluish-purple casette deck that transforms into the Decepticon’s top spy comes to mind. If he isn’t talking down the Constructicons, being subservient to Megatron, or messing with Laserbeak, he can be found in various undercover modes. His latest – a Xiaomi Mi Pad 2.

This iteration of one of the more famous Decepticons ever known has been reformatted from his renowned tape-deck mode into a popular 7.9 smart device. While there is no slots for his spy team to tag along on his latest venture, seeing Soundwave be made into this update form is very cool.


Hugo Barra, Vice President for International, Xiaomi Global, revealed this new Soundwave, a direct result from the joint-venture that Xiaomi signed on with Hasbro, on his Facebook page. He shared that this concept is real and is now being crowdfunded in China.

By the sound of it, this Soundwave variant will be produced in limited quantities and is only exclusive for China.


Not much else has been shared on Barra’s post beyond needing to go through a 30-step transformation process to switch Soundwave from his disguised state into his robot form. Now let’s hope that the Mini-Cons or even Soundwave’s Autobot counterpart – Blaster – would be considered next in line for this partnership.