Since drones have become popular of late, stories of run-ins with airspace regulators, the police being called in, and unruly behaviour being acted out on these machines have been appearing. Vendors that sell these systems, weary of the issues at hand, established the Drones Manufacturers Alliance.

Created specifically to lobby for policies that promote innovation and safety for drones, their users, and the environment that they operate in, the new body is suppose to work with all industry players and government regulators to create a practical and responsible regulatory framework for this specific marketplace.


While it is newly formed this body, created specifically for drone manufacturers that play in the consumer space, is not the first of its kind as the Small UAV Coalition has been around for the last 18 months. Unlike the more service industry oriented support body, this new group is very much vendor driven and directly deals with the needs and wants of its core members, such as DJI, Parrot, 3DR, and GoPro.

“There are significant economic and social benefits to drone operations and, thus, the industry must work with policymakers to ensure a safe environment for flying. The Drone Manufacturers Alliance believes a carefully balanced regulatory framework requires input from all stakeholders and must recognise the value and necessity of continued technological innovation. By highlighting innovation and emphasising education, we intend to work with policymakers to ensure drones continue to be safely integrated into national airspace,” the newly formed advocacy group said in its announcement release.

Having two advocacy groups is not really a bad thing as they focus on different aspects that drive the drone marketplace.