While there is much to share about world politics, there are also some very amusing things to write about in this space that would seem satirical. One of the bigger announcements that went under the radar due to this morning’s viral situation, is the White House undergoing a much-needed technological update.

Apparently after those few stories that revealed how the White House, supposedly the most secure platform known to man and one of the few places to be armed to the teeth with advance protective controls, is running on very poor IT infrastructure. It is no wonder many security vendors easily write-off the movie ‘Olympus has Fallen’ since the technological defenses used at Capitol Hill in the movie is more myth than fact.


This will all change in the last year of Barack Obama’s administration as the President himself has embarked on carrying out a much needed IT upgrade for the White House. How Obama and his team managed his two-time tenure as the US Commander-in-Chief with dial-up like Internet speeds, desktop PCs from the pre-Millennium era, and had to manage work processes and keep the flow of information going while in Air Force One is nothing short of a miracle.

According to the New York Times, team leads had been appalled about what they had to work with and made calls for provisional upgrades that are necessary. First in line had been Air Force One.

Obviously, there are many parties to blame for this messy patchwork of IT solutions and the sad state it is in right now. Whoever is at fault has not been taken to task as the teams that help President Obama run office prefer to make things right and get them into proper working order. Overseeing this total transformation is David Recordon, the man that made Facebook HR and security technologies run like clockwork and had been the lead for the software engineering teams responsible for company-wide internal productivity tools.

Being appointed as Director of White House Information Technology allows Recordon to do what is necessary to bring the White House up to speed with cutting edge technology. This includes re-wiring the entire West Wing and parts of the White House that need critical infrastructure, deploying a new digital telephony system that packs tonnes of new security measures, enabling ‘bring your own device’ policies that are open to the latest smart devices, and dealing with the butt of the joke for all White House staffers and visitors – boosting Wi-Fi speeds and its protective services.

Another upside to the changes that Recordon is implementing is making sure various departments that operate out of the White House will not purchase duplicate copies of software licenses or even deal with telcos separately.

If anything, this upgrading exercise will certainly provide the Obama administration with new technological platforms and innovations that, while lacking somewhat to what Hollywood would put together for some of its blockbusters, will make sure it can deal with the Facebook era and what is to come after.