There is no such thing as a drama-free event when it comes to Square Enix or its long awaited Final Fantasy XV (FFXV). At the 11th hour, as NeoGAF reported, someone at GameSpot messed up. This is how the team responded. Obviously, all 15 reveals for the game had been worth the 10-year wait.


Let’s get to the key take-away from this event. Aside from the confirmed release date, the collector options that can be bought, the extended FFXV content that tie into the game, and the marketing add-ons that have been tapped to help push the game further, this is – by far – the biggest Final Fantasy event ever made. Even the after-party event is equally as epic.

FFXV-Reveal-02 FFXV-Reveal-03

Considering the size and scale of the event, it is easily the most expensive and equally as vested for Square Enix. If fans didn’t know any better, this gimmick to announce the launch date of FFXV could’ve been the 2016 homage to the similarly as massive and well loved Numbered Final Fantasy title: Final Fantasy VII.

Instead of doing all 15 reveals, let’s focus on the Top 5 highlights instead that made FFXV Uncovered the best moment of 2016 for the videogames industry.

Right off the bat, the hosts of the event – Greg Miller and Tim Gettys of Kinda Funny – got onto the stage after the Father of Final Fantasy, Sakaguchi Hironobu, opened the event and set the tone for the evening. The infamous gaming news duo have made it very clear that there will be 15 big reveals with and they would come out hard and fast.

Not part of the list, but still critical to this story, is the first uncover. Hironobu’s appearance, which kicked off the event and is nothing short of astounding, had been amplified with the presence of other founding members for the Final Fantasy franchise – Yoshitaka Amano and Shimomure Yoko. Both are also present to witness the massive introduction that the newest Numbered Final Fantasy will be partaking. The Godfather of Final Fantasy music, Nobuo Uematsu, made a short video to virtually spice up the gltizy cast.

All that, and the new FFXV trailer, took place in the first 15 minutes.

Want to see the rest with the pre-opening activities and after-party? Here:

Now, onto the Top 5. Keep in mind that they are ranked as per appearance and, thus, do not hold any real positions on the ranking scale in this list.

First of the Best 5 from the 15 reveals:

Indeed, FFXV will have an anime run. Specifically, the game will have a 5-episode Original Net Animation series that depicts their backgrounds and origins of Noctis, the protagonist, and his Three Musketeers: Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto. Those keen on catching Episode 1 of the anime is can do so below as both the Japanese raw and English subtitled streams have already been uploaded.

The other four episodes will become available, for free, in the coming months.

Next on the Top 5 need no explanation beyond what Miller and Gettys shared:

Kingsglaive, the name of this full-featured CG movie for FFXV will cover the enemy invasion that took place during the game and show the parts that focus on the non-playable characters, like King Regis and Lunafreya; the plot-points that play-out while Noctis is away and what is happening at his final destination; and how the hero of the movie – Nyx – drives the story of the movie. The best bit: it’ll be streamed online for FREE.

The bigger surprise that this movie introduction brought on stage are the voice actors behind King Regis, Lunafreya, and Nyx. The video-clip below will speak for itself:

Third on the list:

The hosts spoiled it early on though it had been an easy guess – FFXV will have a long-stay mini-game!

Obviously, there will be a kicker. In the case of this new Numbered Final Fantasy, now sealed and packaged as THE flagship game of the decade for Square Enix, there are two twists.

The game, called Justice Monster Five, is a heavily modified pinball concept that use character champions and their imbued powers to deal with the bad guys on the playing board. It is a fully independent mobile game that will debut on Android, iOS, and Windows, featuring an extensive list of new and familiar units that can be used to create a four-member team. Based on the trailer, it is not very far-fetched to say that the fearfully revered Random Numbers Generator would be incorporated into this casual team battle platform.

After that, Square Enix pulled out another show-stopper: the FFXV Platinum Demo.

Essentially, this is a FREE easy-to-access hands-on Tech Demo for FFXV that can be downloaded NOW on both Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. It is 100% independent of FFXV as it packs in its own narrative, starring young Noctis and his carbunkle companion, and varied exploration modules that showcase the battle system experience, environmental effects, and monsters of all kinds from FFXV. On many levels, this is a gamer’s dream as no Tech Demo effort has ever come close to being this interactive or immersive.

Also, this will please Kingdom Hearts fans as the look and feel is very much like the Disney-inspired.

Last, and most importantly, the multiple money shots that the FFXV Uncovered event pulled up after the launch date had been confirmed:

The last trailer confirmed a few critical elements: there will, indeed, be English subtitles with Japanese audio for FFXV, a Leviathan-like being is another possible Summon, the narrative being filled with despair, and the real reason why the car an important team member.

As a bonus, Square Enix also had the Sauce Boss, Harley Morenstein, and his crew from Epic Meal Time kick-off the after event festivities.