After proving it can manage its own fibre-based broadband network, then show it is capable in running its own mixed array of wireless broadband platforms, both experimental and properly structured, and finally step up its role within the Cloud, Google has another Ace-up-its-sleeve – a proper landline service.

Called the Google Fiber Phone, this offering is designed to operate in tandem with the Google Fiber network. Of course, this being Google, it has moved to add in a few twists to the new concept and give it a ‘staying connected all the time’ operation even when users are away from their homes.


Google, in creating the Fiber Phone platform, believes it can provide users everything a fixed-line telephony service offers and then some. For just US$10/month (~RM40), those who signed up for Fiber Phone will get unlimited local and nationwide calls, enjoy the same affordable Google Voice rates for international calls, and even get enhanced user options like call waiting and caller ID.

The best bits, of course, come from the fact that this new landline telephony style service can be used outside of the house. Indeed, the Fiber Phone is not made just for the home but also can provide proper call connectivity while on the road, at the office, or – in actual fact – wherever the user is located. This is possible only because this new fixed-line system from Google lives in the Cloud – thus it can be used on any smart device, notebook system, or desktop PC platform.

On top of the on-the-go telephony offering it uses, Google Fiber Phone can also easily access user voicemails and automatically transcribe voice messages that will be sent over to users via text or email.

Being a Cloud-based fixed-line service, Google Fiber Phone can also buzz landlines and mobile-type phone numbers.

Google has confirmed that it will roll out its new telephony system to a few selected residential zones. This will include all Google Fiber enabled cities. Those who are able to sign up, or want more details, can head on over to Google’s newly launched micro-site for this conceptual offering.