While word is getting around that Google is now ramping up its Cloud efforts and making names like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) stick, the biggest subsidiary under Alphabet Inc. has also revolutionise its popular Google Analytics platform to reflect this renewed charge into the Cloud.

Called the Google Data Studio 360, it is one anchor aspect of the ongoing improvements that the GCP is introducing throughout Google’s Cloud-based services. While Google did reveal this tidbit of an important update a week ago, it is only at this event that a proper showing of the new Enterprise-class Web Analytics system had seen the light of day. Oddly, the details of when and how this new comprehensive analytical readout will be rolled out has not been shared.


Whatever the case may be, the new Web Analytics system is no longer the simple control panel that can accessed via a web browser. From that one visual, it is confirmed that the user console has the look and feel of Google Drive and Google Docs. User, data, and content tracking are still the same from before though one could easily imagine that are a tonne of add-ons that make calling up any needed data with relative ease.

Like the original Google Analytics, there are trending lists, measurement tables, comparison charts, and country tracking. On top of that, the streamlining process did away with the need to call up different data-points at any one time. All the necessary information is now presented neatly at the top of the of the analytics sheet, easy for all to see and read.

Going by the control menu bar at the top, there is certainly more to what has been teased to the media during a special press meet that took place less than 24 hours before Google kicks off its inaugural global level Google Cloud Platform NEXT conference.

Information from the microsite that became accessible as of last week, Google Data Studio 360 will feature the following as part of its suite of services and functions:

Google-Cloud-NEXT-Analytics-01 Google-Cloud-NEXT-Analytics-02

Very likely more will be shown during the deep dive tracks that are being planned over the next two days. Of course, Team will put out whatever Google will have to say at its biggest Cloud event to-date. So do stay tune!