Virtual reality is not the only big deal at Game Developers Conference as there are equally as important announcements and trend setting highlights the videogame industry brought about that are being shared and discussed among the event attendees. Among the major reveals is NVIDIA latest move to sign on another two heavyweight game publishers for its GeForce NOW platform.

The pair – SEGA and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Warner Bros.) – are the latest to join the NVIDIA videogame streaming service and, based on the agreed deal, will add on some of their popular games from their extensive repertoire onto the NVIDIA enriched gaming system. Having both onboard raised the total number of PC games available to stream to the latest count of 100.

SEGA and Warner Bros., in this deal, are contributing nine videogames in total onto GeForce NOW in the coming weeks. The device used to stream the games will be, of course, the NVIDIA SHIELD.


Among the games from SEGA and Warner Bros. that are being listed from these two studios include SEGA’s beloved Sonic series and the super popular Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor from Warner Bros. Other titles include Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and Alpha Protocol from SEGA as well as Mad Max and LEGO Jurassic Park.

To commemorate SEGA and Warner Bros. hopping onto the GeForce NOW platform, NVIDIA is offering a free three months membership to those who are keen to sign-up now. Once the this offer runs its course, it’ll be US$7.99 (~RM35) per month.

More details on NVIDIA SHIELD and GeForce NOW can be found over here.