In what would seem like move to remove support from its portable console range, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has announced that Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) owners will no longer be able to directly access the Sony PlayStation Store (PS Store).

According to the Sony PSP Support website, the native storefront on the mobile console will cease its operations on 31 March 2016. For those who are still planning to purchase content for their PSPs can do so from the web-based PS Store. As for older purchases, they can still be accessed via the Download List on the PSP. In-game materials, which will still be supported, can also be bought within the games or on their respective handheld consoles.


This move does not effect the other regions where the native PS Store is active on PSPs. Even so, it is a clear sign of the interest for the mobile gaming platform, reflecting the slowdown of content support that the current iteration, the Sony PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), is currently facing.

Polygon has reported that an executive from the Japanese branch of SCEA has revealed that, since October, there had been no new games in production for the PS Vita, further reinforcing the fact that the system is undergoing some level of neglect.

Whatever the case may be, fans and the general public will know the fate of the mobile efforts for SCEA when the Game Developer Conference, which is just a month away, rolls in and bring forth the latest details for the videogames industry.