After it signed on a long-time market cohort of sorts – VLT Labs – as partner of sorts for its accelerator and growth space, Cradle has stepped its game by signing on six new co-investment partners. These new collaborators bring to the table a combined value of RM26 million in funds.

As per previous arrangements, Cradle is matching the new co-investment fund with its own RM26 million, bringing the total invested sum to RM52 million.

The six – comprising Marna Capital Sdn. Bhd. (Marna), Nexea Angels (Nexea), 1337 Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (1337 Ventures), Infinite Ventures Gagasan Sdn. Bhd. (IVG), IMJ Investment Partners Pte. Ltd. (IMJ), and N Capital Partners Sdn. Bhd. (NCP) – will focus on Malaysian-born technology startups of high calibre and are known to have huge potential deliverables. Each new investor will work with Cradle in a one-to-one equity co-investment exercise.


Of the six that have joined up as Cradle partners, only Marna is a partial subsidiary as it is under direct ownership of NAZA Group. According to a key spokesperson for Marna, it is only looking to invest in startups that have no direct conflict with any ventures that NAZA has a stake in.

By confirming the six new co-investment partners, Cradle has raised its current crop of 13 equity partners to a grand total of 19. All in, Cradle has 20 co-investment partners with the only non-equity investor being Golden Gate Ventures.

Nazrin Hassan, Group CEO of Cradle, believes that in signing on these new investment partners, Cradle will now has this huge opportunity to learn and tap on the diverse experience and knowledge that these long-time funding platforms have to offer.

“We are immensely pleased to take on these six new co-investors as part of our equity funding circle. What they bring to the table, which includes the multitudes of industry backgrounds and vast market insights, will definitely provide Cradle with additional capabilities that we may not have. Indeed, such ventures are beneficial to Cradle as we will be able to leverage on what our partners offer,” Nazrin shared.

Cradle expects to sign on more co-investment partners in the coming months as it plans to make this lead programme one of its key priorities in its efforts to reduce dependencies on government funding and, instead, encourage more private investments to be considered as future funding avenues.

In doing so, Cradle seeks to make 70% of its funding allocation be focused on co-investing initiatives and allocated the remaining 30% to direct grants. It hopes to achieve this within the coming year.