As the world of virtual reality move into the mass marker space with key vendors confirming their price tags and launch dates, one of the key innovators – Microsoft – has, according to Windows Central, locked in launch plans for its Microsoft HoloLens with pre-orders opening today (29 February 2016).

These details, which includes the listing of apps that are shipping with the augmented reality (AR) device and expected launch date, came via a pulled report from Fortune that had been re-posted in its entirety on Reddit. Non-disclosed or not, the news is now out and fans, as well as the general masses, can look to 30 March 2016 for the launch proper to take place.


Included in the apps listing are various tester programs like HoloStudio, HoloTour, and Skype. The first two are key to developing content for Microsoft HoloLens with HoloStudio being used to create 3D resources and incorporate interactive commands like gaze, gesture, and voice, while HoloTour is made to experience 360-degree panoramic displays of various locations.

A list of games have also been included in the Fortune report and are expected to launch alongside the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition unit.

Setting the end of next month for the kick-off of Microsoft HoloLens is not a coincidence as it is the first day for Microsoft Build 2016.

As noted previously, the Microsoft HoloLens is expected to retail at US$3,000. Other details have not been revealed as extensively, though one could easily guess that all will be revealed at the upcoming Microsoft Build 2016 event.

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