The bane of all mobile users, aside from operating on batteries that do not last the entire day, is having to deal with spam-filled messages and calls from unknown sources. A few in Samsung might have a few bad experiences as the new flagships are preloaded with a proper fail-safe ability that filters out spam.

While not properly marketed at the unveiling that took place hours before, this enhanced function is certainly a critical capability for all mobile device users. as it will automatically identify the unknown caller that is trying to buzz in and share the latest spam content.


To achieve this, Samsung worked closely with Whitepages to incorporate and optimise a call identity detection system that locates and matches the incoming unknown caller with a proper profile from a comprehensive curated database. If the number is not available, users can report it and have it listed in short order.

Just like antiviruses, there are bound to be false positives. Thus, Whitepages has engaged another equally as large database, Yelp, to determine if the incoming call is from a legit entity.

If anything, this is certainly a much-needed feature that many would welcome on the technologically advanced Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Let’s hope there will be more features like this one in these next-gen flagships.