Since the new Microsoft Surface devices launched last year, there had been reports that the hardware had not been optimised with the operating system. The most worrisome of the challenges both devices have been facing is the power management control problem Microsoft directly address with this new comprehensive update.

The error with power controls causes both platforms to not power up from Sleep Mode or start up properly. Thus, Microsoft has worked around the clock with Intel to produce a specific update that enhances the hardware drivers and firmware for the new Microsoft Surface systems to optimise the power management options. 


While there had been similar updates, this one specifically address the prevailing problems on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Having seen and tracked the comments and feedback taken from users in the Microsoft Insider program and proactive consumers who are on the Windows 10 platform, this enhancement rollout looks to deal with the current power issues that have messed up the promised seamless user experience.

The updates also focus on other security and usage aspects, reinforcing the Microsoft commitment to improve the use of Microsoft Surface devices. The end-goal, of course, is to make these flagship devices exceptionally awesome.

More details can be found at the specially made Microsoft Surface webportal. Those who need additional support from Microsoft can visit its main support page.