In a world where hyper-connectivity is now a necessity for many businesses, it is very critical that information delivery is consistently updated. For a global courier company like UPS, this goes without saying. Hence why UPS Malaysia has moved to equip its drivers with the latest tracking technology.

The move saw UPS Malaysia deploying the newest Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD V) for all its drivers to use, ensuring that they remain connected to the UPS network even when there is a signal lost.

With the DIAD V, which uses Gobi radio technology and advanced tracking apps, UPS Malaysia drivers are now able to stay on the tracking grid even if they go into a dead cellular network zone or if the line they are operating on experienced a service fault. The new platform also enable drivers to proactively identify what would be the most efficient route to deliver their packages.


In wanting to ensure drivers never drop from the UPS track and trace platform, a major part of this rollout will include optimising the network infrastructure and delivery tracker system that it uses.

“UPS Malaysia continuously aims to improve our services to ensure that customers will receive their packages in a fast, efficient, and secure manner. The latest iteration of our DIAD will enable our platform to deliver the best user experience possible. This includes putting our customers at ease as they wait for their expected consignment,” said Tze Hsien Lim, Managing Director of UPS Malaysia.

The new system will feature a state-of-the-art colour display panel and embedded processor, expanded memory, enhanced functions for the apps embedded within, advanced multi-dimensional image scanning, and an IP67 protection rating. The last two, respectively, reinforce the user versatility and robustness that the DIAD V system is known to offer.

While UPS Malaysia has confirmed that the new delivery tracking system will be deployed onto its entire fleet, there has been no details as to when it would move to carry out the hardware update exercise.