Those keen to get the Google Nexus 6P and be one of the 600 to receive the bundled Google Chromecast V1 unit must take note that the offer would not have both online marketplaces giving out 600 of those streaming devices. Only, literally, 600 streaming systems would be allocated and will be split unevenly between the two eCommerce websites.

For the Huawei-managed, 200 Google Chromecasts have been set aside for the Google Nexus 6P bundle campaign. The remaining 400 are given to Lazada. That means potential buyers have to keep that in mind before they buy the premium flagship smartphone. Obviously, those planning to log onto Lazada will have a higher chance of getting the Google Chromecast.


As for Google app developers who want to get their hands on the Google Nexus 6P for testing purposes, they qualify for a RM100 Voucher Rebate on provided they already have an app present on the Google Play Store. To reflect this, they must register on the Huawei eCommerce platform with the same Gmail account used to submit apps onto Google Play. Once the email has been verified on and Google, the rebate voucher will be emailed over to the developer.

There may possibly be other bundle plans coming up with telcos and what Huawei may have in mind for its platform. These details will appear in due time over the course of the coming weeks that roll into Christmas and year-end shopping seasons.