After months of fretting over unconfirmed reports, unsubstantiated rumours, and purported leaks, BlackBerry has finally revealed it first foray into an ecosystem that it had an indirect, yet intimate, relationship with. Indeed, BlackBerry has officially signed up for the Android bandwagon as it confirmed, during its Financial Year announcement, what the world already knows. On the starting line-up is the curtain-raiser – the BlackBerry Priv.

Even with its maiden move onto the Android camp, BlackBerry made it very clear that it still focuses on what it does best – user privacy and data security. Thus, the BlackBerry Priv will be integrating security innovations, which the Canada-born brand is renowned for, and the high productivity functions it has with the popular smart and seamless features of the Android platform.


As shared in earlier leaked information, the BlackBerry Priv will sport a physical keyboard that stays hidden until its sliding mechanism is engaged. New details that had been confirmed include the launch date, tentatively set for early next year, the regions it will rollout into, and a proposed plan for online purchasing avenues. BlackBerry promised that more details on these facts and additional information will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Even if it is now playing in the Android space, BlackBerry is insistent that it remains committed to the constant update and development of its BlackBerry 10 operating system. It is believed that in now being more robust in platform offerings, it has positively affected the performance and stock valuation for BlackBerry.