After last year’s massive positive response for Malaysia’s inaugural and one-of-a-kind e-commerce sales campaign, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) has announced the coming of this year’s #MYCYBERSALE event. Set for 28 September 2015, it is a five-day sales period that will take place on cyberspace and bring in many popular e-Commerce platforms and eTailers – both Malaysian-based and from the global marketplace – to drive up domestic e-commerce revenue through this massive cyber-sales event.

Last year’s #MYCYBERSALE generated RM67 million in revenue from 227,000 successful transactions. Participants from last year reported a 200% increase for online traffic during the three-day campaign period.


“Given the great response from last year and seeing how #MYCYBERSALE was able to transform the consumer lifestyles and the way retailers do business, it only makes sense that we make this major sales event bigger and better for 2015. While the encompassing goal is to grow the Malaysian e-commerce industry and encourage all Malaysian businesses to embrace the Digital Malaysia agenda, there are four objectives that MDeC has set out to achieve as well through this campaign – to provide enablement to all businesses, remain inclusive for any system or service that can link-up with the Internet, embrace new trends that encourage next-gen involvement, and extend outreach efforts to those who are still not connected to the Web,” said Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood, CEO of MDeC.

According to Yasmin, these four critical points are key to developing and expanding the e-commerce marketplace in Malaysia. Based on what she has seen and delved in first-hand, she clearly understands how it is very important for business-to-business platforms, and everything else for that matter, adopt the e-commerce model if they are to remain relevant.

“It is unfortunate that, to-date, many Malaysian businesses have not completely gone online yet. Based on a rough count, only less than 10% are e-commerce ready. This is why we have to make the on-boarding process easy for all Malaysian businesses – regardless of size, performance, and focus. To ensure we cover all the bases, that means reaching out to not just the retailers but also the suppliers, logistics, and distributors. In doing so, we can be doubly sure that there are no excuses left for them to not sign up,” Yasmin added.


The #MYCYBERSALE 2015 event will be hosting over 400 participating eTailers, a huge leap from the estimated 250 that signed up last year. This includes those based outside of the Klang Valley as well and new-comers to the regional e-commerce scene, like 11street, GEMFIVE, GO Shop, and Agrobazaar. Among those returning to give more support include Lazada, Zalora, Rakuten, and

Beyond providing a great online-based shopping spree experience for Malaysians, the #MYCYBERSALE 2015 will, for the first time, open up to regional customers as well, specifically those based in Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia.


As part of this expanding effort, the sales event has been extended to five days instead of three. Yasmin noted that many eTailers who participated last year asked if more days can be included as they believe they can sustain a higher return over the longer sales period. To make it even more convenient, MDeC has also developed a #MYCYBERSALE App that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple iStore to provide some new levels of immersive shopping experience. This app will go live a week before the event starts, 21 September 2015.

Taking part in this event are online and YouTube celebrities as well as MDeC has engaged them, some directly while others through eTailer partners like 11street, to take part as well and bring their brands and goods to be a part of the massive cyber-sale event.

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