Singapore, famed for its high-speed broadband infrastructure and equally as capable mobile broadband services, always had a sure-to-never-end stand-off between its three main telcos. That will all change if MyRepublic succeeds in becoming the island nation’s next telco.

Originally a Singapore-grown start-up, MyRepublic – a privately owned, founder-led company – was the service provider that launched Singapore’s first 1Gbps fibre broadband that is priced under S$50. The idea came to being in 2012 when it was discovered that the existing telco players were all under-utilising the country’s then-new all-fibre Next Gen National Broadband Network.


This was where MyRepublic rolled in with the goal of wanting to doing things differently and in new, fresh ways so as to inject new dynamics into an already stagnant industry.

Part of the plan included building its own software and systems with the latest Cloud-based technologies. With its innovative development, it had pioneered a number of Singapore’s first, such as a introducing ‘No Contract Broadband Service’ and establishing a gamer-focused fibre broadband service.

MyRepublic-4th-05  MyRepublic-4th-04

Having achieved all that, its next step is to push the envelope further and become Singapore’s fourth telco player. In fact, MyRepublic has gotten the ball rolling already as it is in the midst of discussing with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) about its mobility bid and being, hopefully, a part of the regulator’s Spectrum Allocation strategy.

According to its FAQ, MyRepublic is also looking for the right financial partner to pursue this project and have several interested parties approaching the fibre player to discuss terms.

MyRepublic-4th-06Even when it has already done the necessary, MyRepublic – being the start-up upstart that it is – has brought a different strategy into play as well: crowdsourcing.

Through the micro-site it launched recently, MyRepublic is now working to build-up support from the general populace of Singapore. It does this by getting its fans and those who are keen to play a disruptive role in this telco space to register as a supporter for MyRepublic’s move to properly become the fourth Singaporean telco.

Those who have signed up can opt to be part of the mailing list to receive new updates or be part of the public-sourced team that are keen on testing MyRepublic’s mobile network.

Beyond generating user-interest, MyRepublic has also announced few key promises as well to ensure it had some share of voice in the marketplace and be among the top-of-mind brands.


According to Tech in Asia, MyRepublic has promised to offer 10GB data bundles as the standard. This is certainly  larger than the 2GB or 3GB other telcos offer. There may even be offers for unlimited data bundles. It even declared that it will adhere to net neutrality and will not even place additional toil charges for popular internet apps.

These points can, of course, be delivered as and when MyRepublic is given the opportunity to be an official player in the telco space. Time, and perseverance, will tell if this bold move will bear prospective results and be the challenge the Singaporean telco space needs to move into the next level of growth.