Since Hajime Tabata – Director of Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) has re-confirmed that the Final Fantasy XV pre-beta is completed, Team quickly addressed the current hot-of-the-stove rumour about FFXV getting a PC port. In his own words: “Not at all”.

Word on the grapevine had been insistent that FFXV would get a PC port since the game is, essentially, made on the PC. This unconfirmed and unsubstantiated piece of information came about when Tabata confirmed on Twitter that the game has passed its pre-beta phase.

Tabata had this to say when he had been prompted with the announcement: “Really?! Where did you hear this? If anything, it is a misunderstanding. There will be no PC port. We never planned for it. The game is originally developed on the PC first and what we said was how the pre-beta works very smoothly on the PC and now optimisations are being made (just like any beta testing would be like) for the consoles. Please do not misunderstand.”

“IF a PROPER PC version is to be made, then many changes have to be made and a lot of things have to be reconsidered before such a move can be made.”

There it is. NO PC VERSION. Period.

31 March 2016 update: The team at love all the readers that are coming by to see this story. Truly! Just so the debate can be put to rest, the full recording of that particular interview at Comic Fiesta can be found in here – the quick breakdown of the road to the upcoming 30 March 2016 livestream. Time-stamped points have been included to list what 2016 videogames Hajime Tabata is looking forward to, how he wants to tap into the Southeast Asia for its potent talents, and his confirmation that, at this time, there are no plans for a PC port.

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